Keep a pulse on the latest trends, directly from surveys we conduct with consumers and decision makers.


How has traditional dining survived, post-pandemic?

In order to better understand dining preferences today, we surveyed 1,000 restaurant-goers to learn more about where they’re dining, what they look for in a great dining experience, how accustomed they are to using ordering technology, and more.


Frontline workers look at how they’re valued.

We interviewed 500 frontline workers in retail to find out how engaged they are, if they have the right tools to do their jobs successfully, and if they plan to stick around with their current employer.


How can you create in-store experiences that draw people in?

We surveyed 275 retail marketers to find out what their biggest challenges are, if they have the tools they need to successfully target their customers, and what efforts they’re making that are moving the needle on their in-store customer experiences.


Are frontline sales associates finding satisfaction in what they do each day?

In order to learn more, we surveyed 300 retail sales associates in the US who earn part of their pay from commission about what they love about their work and what they want to see improved.